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100 Years of Roses: The Rose Garden Centennial 1904-2004 

A Poem



This Flower, The Rose



You bring to me a sweet scented rose,

Flavoring and enhancing the moment,

Uniquely as a crowning cap.

A personification of love, this flower, the rose,

An ultimate gift, exquisitely wrapped.

For a rose in its' giving, petal on petal,

Serves to cushion life's thorns that pierce and unsettle.

Ah, a treasure indeed, this flower, the rose,

With beauty abounding, as everyone knows

So, I'll possess it and press it as the moment itself,

Keeping it forever present, retaining all that was felt.

And though it lies in repose, I'll  always remember

This flower, the rose.


Poem by:  Irene Boudreau  ----  April 1983


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